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Becoming The "Social Product Manager"

Social business tools can help product and brand managers to become more engaged, transparent, and agile, leading to better business outcomes. IBM executive Ed Brill discusses IBM's social business journey, inserting social into business processes and connecting people with people to deliver faster innovation, better responsiveness, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Join this webinar to learn:
What is a "social product manager"?
What is a social business as defined by IBM?
How does an individual product manager affect their marketplace?
What are some of the best tools for social product managers?
What are some of the risks associated with product management and social business?
How will product management evolve through use of social business tools?

About The Speaker
Ed Brill is Director, Product Management -- IBM Social Business and Collaboration Solutions. Brill is responsible for the product and market strategy for IBM's messaging, collaboration, communications, and productivity products. Brill's focus is on extending and growing the success of these solutions through customer engagement, partner ecosystem development, and harnessing the breadth and depth of the IBM organization.
In eighteen years at IBM, Brill has led a variety of sales, marketing, and product-related organizations. As Director for Social Business, Brill has succeeded in elevating IBM's expertise and reputation in brand and product management. He has constantly innovated in both marketplace strategy and product execution. Committed to understanding the global marketplace, Brill has visited IBM customers in over forty countries, and is a frequent speaker at IBM and industry events worldwide. Brill has served on the advisory boards for Web 2.0 Expo and IDG Mobile Enterprise Next. Ed Brill is the author of the IBM Press book, "Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager", published in January, 2013. Brill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Indiana University, with a minor in political science.
Blog: www.edbrill.com, named a "Best Blog for Buyers" by Network World
Twitter: twitter.com/edbrill
Facebook: facebook.com/edbrilldotcom
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/edbrill

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