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What's the real reason customers buy or DON'T buy from you?

Do any of these sound familiar:

  1. You crafted a clear buyer persona, built a great product, and finally launched, though sales just isn't winning enough deals. You wish you knew why.
  2. You have a great product that you believe has the potential to lead in the market but for some reason your product & content marketing isn't resonating with buyers.
  3. Sales tells you that they have enough product specs. What they want is more buyer insights so they can frame your offering in a way that inspires customers to respond.

There are thousands of scenarios, all with the same punchline: you need to know what buyers care about; what happens inside their organization that makes YOUR product a priority to buy; the barriers that stop them from purchasing; and how they buy "your kind of stuff."

It's hard to get the plain truth about what REALLY matters to buyers. What do you do?

Join us for ACTIONABLE HOW-TO's including:

  • THE 5 INSIGHTS you need to have to guide product, marketing and sales
  • WHAT QUESTIONS reveal the real reasons customers buy - and more importantly the reasons they DON'T - so you can address them
  • HOW TO GET THE INSIDE SCOOP on what's MOST important to your buyers
  • HOW TO AVOID 'The Law of Familiarity' which biases virtually ALL company-conducted interviews
  • HOW TO AVOID crafting Buyer Personas that are tepid, or worse, don't help your marketing and sales
  • HOW TO ASK the Most Important Question in this process
  • THE TOP 3 Mistakes marketers make when addressing buying insights

Steve Rankel is the creator of the customer linguistics and value storytelling systems. His work on "getting inside the customers head" and value propositions has helped sales teams get and stay on message faster and speak to what prospects 1) find relevant and 2) by motivating to buy.

Adele Revella is founder of Buyer Persona Institute - The premier provider of buying Insights for complex, high-consideration, high-dollar sales to a blue-chip client list including Cisco, HP, Caterpillar, IBM, and Siemens.

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