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Why Product Management and Innovation Fail and What to do About It

Not every new product or updated version of a product is a success. Product managers can use the same processes, proceeding step by step, yet have different outcomes. In one case they create a market-winning product. In another case, the product is a dud and fails to win over customers.

What is going on here? Why does product management and innovation "work" some of the time but not all of the time?

More importantly, wouldn't you want to know what you do to increase your success rate - more market winners and fewer duds?

This problem is common to organizations, with an average of 4 out of 10 product launches failing. But, product managers can improve their success and the organization's success in the process. And, product managers that can do that receive the rewards that come with greater success and influence.

Attend the webinar to understand why product management and innovation fails some of the time and how to decrease failure and increase success.

About the Speaker: Chad McAllister, PhD -- Host of "The Everyday Innovator Podcast"

I was named a "Top 40 Influencer in Product Management" for 2015 by Product Management Year in Review and a "Top 10 Innovation Blogger" by Innovation Excellence. I have trained product managers at great companies including Microsoft, John Deere, Visa, Siemens, FedEx, Xerox, Medtronic, Compassion, Motorola, and many others. I started my career as an electrical engineer, moved into software product development, project management, product management, and executive team roles. I have experience in small and very large companies as well as startups. As part of my journey I have earned certifications from PMI, PDMA, and AIPMM as well as a PhD in "Innovation." Today, with 25+ years hands-on product management and innovation experience, I help product managers become Product Masters.

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