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Companies today realize the value a well-trained product professional adds to their bottom line. By capitalizing on market opportunities, contributing to sales targets, and developing and executing a strategic plan, a product professional is the driving force behind a product's success. The CPM® or CPMM® credential ensures these professionals have not only a working knowledge of best practices but practical application skills as well.

By hiring a Certified Product Manager® or Certified Product Marketing Manger® you ensure you're hiring a professional who can:

  Manage your product through all phases of the product life cycle - from development to end of life/elimination

  Develop, execute and maintain a business plan for your product or product family; monitoring and reporting on changes and trends

  Prepare an annual marketing budget

  Work effectively with others as a member of a team, group, company, and community

  Collect, analyze, organize and critically evaluate market and competitive data

  Prepare and give group presentations. Effectively communicate with management, sales force and other internal departments

  Use tools and technology to gather and process information

  Provide direction and vision for your existing products through ongoing assessments

  Pursue new product and market opportunities expanding depth and/or breadth of product line

  Identify and solve problems using critical and creative thinking

  Develop monthly progress reports on all facets of responsibility

  Implement measures for cost reduction

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