Certification Readiness Course

Product Innovation Leadership - 16PDUs

This course arms you with the knowledge and skills required to lead innovation efforts in your company, creating a culture of effective innovation throughout the entire lifecycle.  Some of the key topics covered in this two-day course include:

  • Assessing company goals and designing strategic objectives for your company to achieve its goals
  • Developing a sustainable approach to gain or maintain a competitive advantage in your field
  • Transforming new knowledge about your field into creative ideas for products or processes that give your company an edge over competitors and add new revenue streams
  • Purposefully creating an innovation culture in your business and employees through management skills and tools
  • Identifying some of the unlimited opportunities for innovation in each stage of the product life cycle, from concept to retirement
  • Harnessing innovative ideas to design value-added products that are successful in any marketplace
  • Maintaining operational effectiveness throughout each stage of the innovation process

The last two hours of the second day will be an administration of the Certified Innovation Leader (CIL®) certification exam, which can give you an additional credential in your field.

The course price includes the Certified Innovation Leader (CIL®) certification exam fee ($395 value) and a premium AIPMM membership ($175 value). This course also offers 16 PDUs for PMI® certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®).

Upcoming Workshops

  • Oct 30-31, 2014; Bethesda, MD [venue]
  • Nov 17-18, 2014; Irvine, CA [venue]

$1,997 USD


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