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Product Management Library of Knowledge


Organizational Learning is the Key to Innovation, Growth and More

 A discussion of the idea of organizational learning and the many different benefits that it brings to the table you just won't find anywhere else.

Maintaining Truth in the Face of Power

 A discussion of how hard it can sometimes be for a product manager to tell a boss that they're wrong, and why it's important for you to do it anyway.

Practice and Principles: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

 A discussion of the many reasons why both theoretical AND practical knowledge are so valuable regarding successful product managers.

Older Equals Wiser, or Does It? The Role of Age in Product Management

 A discussion of the concept of age in product management and why striking a balance between the young and the experienced is so important.

True Grit: Managing Cross-Functional Teams

 By: Therese Padilla As a product manager, I found that one of the most important things to understand about a cross-functional team is that no two groups are created equally. Managers tasked with overseeing a single function team; are responsible...

The Buy-In: The Most Important Part of Getting Stakeholders On Board

 A discussion of the concept of the buy-in and how this one simple concept is your ticket to getting all of the support you need from senior leadership and beyond.

Value: The Major Building Block of the Product Life Cycle

 A discussion of the concept of value, and why it is essential to understand and incorporate the elements of value all throughout the product life cycle.

The Product Requirements Document

 A discussion of the ever-evolving Product Requirements Document and the important role in continues to play in the modern era.

The Many, Many Names of Product Managers

 By: Therese Padilla Just about every company has someone that matches the job description of product manager. In terms of a product that is currently in the process of being developed, this person tends to have their hands in just...

Is the Product Lifecycle Process Relevant in Today's Modern Era?

 By: Therese Padilla We live in a world that is changing around us rapidly with each passing day. A wide range of different industries have essentially been throwing out the processes that built them over the last few years, instead...

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