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Product Management Library of Knowledge


The Buy-In: The Most Important Part of Getting Stakeholders On Board

 A discussion of the concept of the buy-in and how this one simple concept is your ticket to getting all of the support you need from senior leadership and beyond.

Value: The Major Building Block of the Product Life Cycle

 A discussion of the concept of value, and why it is essential to understand and incorporate the elements of value all throughout the product life cycle.

The Product Requirements Document

 A discussion of the ever-evolving Product Requirements Document and the important role in continues to play in the modern era.

The Many, Many Names of Product Managers

 By: Therese Padilla Just about every company has someone that matches the job description of product manager. In terms of a product that is currently in the process of being developed, this person tends to have their hands in just...

Is the Product Lifecycle Process Relevant in Today's Modern Era?

 By: Therese Padilla We live in a world that is changing around us rapidly with each passing day. A wide range of different industries have essentially been throwing out the processes that built them over the last few years, instead...

The Product Manager as CEO: What You Need to Know

 By: Therese Padilla Something that you often hear is the romantic idea that a product manager is more than just a "person in charge" - they're the CEO of their product in a wide range of different ways. This mantra...

Product Manager Certification: What, Why, How

 By Brian Lawley Advancing your career by earning a Product Manager Certification can be a highly-effective strategy. This article discusses the benefits of certification and what you can expect to gain by becoming certified. It also discusses the options that...

The 3 Secrets to Staying Ahead of the Competition

 A universal truth: It's much easier to control the game when you're ahead of the competition than it is to play catch-up. When you're in the lead, you can defend your position in the marketplace by countering your competitor's moves...

Consumer Behavior: Emotional States and Purchasing Decisions

  Consumer Behavior: Emotional States and Purchasing Decisions by Paula Gray, AIPMM A recent study stated that consumers are exposed to 5,000 brands every day. When consumers choose between those goods and services, they may believe that they are being...

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Brand Story

 Many companies believe their brand story is merely a slogan or the history of their business. While these two things can certainly be part of your brand story, the narrative should encompass quite a bit more. Your brand story should...

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