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The 3 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Brand Story

Many companies believe their brand story is merely a slogan or the history of their business. While these two things can certainly be part of your brand story, the narrative should encompass quite a bit more. Your brand story should tell your story, and make your customers want to buy in.

Your brand story is made up of the facts and feelings that are created by your business. This is not traditional advertising; it's not about showing your logo or telling customers about the brand. Instead, it's a story designed to inspire an emotional reaction. Your brand story is made up of things like product details, your marketing, customers' in-store experience, your purpose and values, and your reputation. Your brand story draws customers in, and it keeps them there.

To create a brand story, you need to be original, make sure your story is aligned with your core concepts, and then show your customers what you're all about (don't just tell them).

Be Original

The first step in creating your brand story is originality. Be original, set yourself apart from your competitors. What makes you, and your product, different from them? Can you solve a problem for your prospective customers in a way your competitors can't?

Stay in Line with your Core Objectives

Make sure your brand story aligns with your core concepts, from objectives to your mission statement. Keep things consistent. What is your company's reason for being? Have you developed a business culture? Your beliefs, visions, and values make up your company culture, and those should be reflected in your brand story. Make sure your entire company buys into your culture, too, because your staff can help move your brand story forward, or hinder it.

Remember people come first. Providing excellent customer service is essential, remember people do business with people. Show you care about your customers and make sure your team has a people-first attitude.

Show, Don't Tell

It is easy to tell your customers what you are all about, but it's more important to show them. Show them your brand identity. What causes do you support? Be present on social media. But of course, be careful there as well. Make sure you are presenting your best face. Show the public what you're up to, and make sure it is consistent with your company's culture.

Your Brand Story

It is so important to create a brand story. If you don't have one, you are just another faceless company; one that is easily replaced. Without a brand story, you can't differentiate yourself from your competition. With a narrative, you can build something others care about and buy into. It will help you build loyalty with your customers. This is the foundation of your brand. A brand story can also help you develop a strategy for growth.

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