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Breaking The Answer First Mode Of Communication

In the corporate world, you are often coached to 'get to the point', 'get to the answer first', 'synthesize and summarize' and other communication techniques to get past limited executive attention. Part of the problem with the method is, it can result in poor decision-making contrary to what it is actually supposed to help.

Moving The Ball Forward

I was thinking about the problems I try to work on each day and the time I spend on different types of tasks. Sometimes I am dealing with people and their issues. Other times, I am trying to get consensus on a decision. Lastly, there is just plain vanilla hard work that has to happen.
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4 Tips for Understanding and Interpreting Nonverbal Communication

4 Tips for Understanding and Interpreting Nonverbal Communication
by Paula Gray, AIPMM

Recognizing that an ethnography respondent, focus group participant or interviewee may be offering much more information nonverbally than they are with words, is crucial to gathering a deeper level of information. Here are 4 key insights to understanding what they aren't saying.

Squeezing the Juice from Chaos

Michael Knowles' Guerrilla WriteFare:
Squeezing the Juice from Chaos

Chaos: That state in which everything exists, and every possibility is but a blink away.

We've talked about working in chaotic organizations. Organizations are always in chaos. So why does one organization thrive while others self-destruct?

The Arrow

Michael Knowles' Guerrilla WriteFare™
The Arrow

Have you ever shot a bow and arrow? You notch the arrow into the bowstring, pull the string back, aim at your target, and let the arrow fly. The bowstring imparts its stored energy to the arrow, propelling it at high speed through the air. You'd never even think of pointing the arrow at yourself, would you?

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