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Fire, Ready, Aim Marketing

Fire, Ready, Aim Marketing
Copyright (c) 2007 Robert Middleton
Action Plan Marketing

One of the dumbest marketing mistakes is failing implementing what you already know. You may read a lot, buy online programs, attend seminars and yet still implement a fraction of what you've learned.

Extreme Attitude Makeover

Extreme Attitude Makeover
By Sam Glenn

When we mention the word attitude, most people automatically assume that we are talking about whether someone is a positive or negative person. Let's stop that assumption right here. Attitude involves so many intricate layers of who you are and what you do, beyond just being positive or negative. Your attitude has depth. It has life. It defines what you do. Attitude is who you are every day and in every way.

Most Businesses Overlook This Valuable Resource. Does Yours?

Most Businesses Overlook This Valuable Resource. Does Yours?
Copyright © 2005 Keith Barnett

Your sales figures are sky rocketing, your employees are at capacity, and office space is diminishing. Your business is thriving, but you want to push forward while your market is ripe. It's time for some more dedicated employees! The only problem is your current office space just won't allow it. You have your accounting department crammed in a small, back office as it is. It's time for that larger building you've had your eye on this past year.

Wait! There's a better and much cheaper way...

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