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The Heart And Core Of Super Customer Experience

Think of the customer's view at every moment from design of products and services to the sales and follow-up care. What will their reaction be? Let this approach guide all your design efforts. Let it shape your redesigns to keep pace with a changing customer demographic. Remember, the customer experience is from the outside in to your company -- not from the inside out!

Moving The Ball Forward

I was thinking about the problems I try to work on each day and the time I spend on different types of tasks. Sometimes I am dealing with people and their issues. Other times, I am trying to get consensus on a decision. Lastly, there is just plain vanilla hard work that has to happen.
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Usability Engineering - A Key Component of Software Product Development

By Somenath Nag

User experience is increasingly emerging as a key competitive advantage for software products. A software product that meets the customer needs, but unable to appease user passion, is not considered a winner anymore. Hence, it is critical today that ISVs are able to provide their users a compelling user experience - by focusing on aesthetics, and factoring in the ease of use and efficiency of use.

Place, space, and everything in between: The use of Proxemics in Branding

By Gavin Johnston, Two West Chief Anthropologist

Over the years the world of marketing and branding has come a long way in understanding how color and images combine to shape the brand experience, and the importance of considering these points when dealing with an array of cultural norms and expectations. We know red is an auspicious color in China, but is often interpreted as being too aggressive and agitating in the US. We know that choosing symbolically discordant images and colors can have a strong impact on the viewers psyche.

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