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Pricing is ... Information

Price is more than just what the customer needs to buy your product or service. It is also telling the customer more about your offering. Take care that your prices are telling them what you want.

The CFO’S Guide To Winning Your Business Case

The CFO’S Guide To Winning Your Business Case
By Gudrun Granholm, Box One, Inc.

For many operational managers one of the most difficult financial challenges involves preparing a business case. Why are some seemingly unimportant projects approved, while other worthy projects never make it to the starting gate? Is there a magic key that improves the probability that your project will be financed? In the next two columns I’d like to share with you the underlying things that help a project reach the approval stage – the CFO’s guide to giving your business case the best shot. For the purposes of this column, a business case can be a:

  • capital project request for new client management software,
  • proposal to add new services to the existing portfolio,
  • buying a competitor
  • request for funds to capitalize on an existing high growth opportunity
  • new productivity initiative to improve routing of service personnel
  • major marketing effort to penetrate existing markets.

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