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An Internet Thanksgiving

I'd like to thank the product managers, who study the data and talk to customers in order to figure out the right color or right kind of button needed on an app. Their work lives in the myriad of details that go into creating a product.
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Google Adwords Guide - Part II

Google Adwords guide - Part 2: Choosing your Google Adwords keywords
By David Callan

Next on to picking your keywords. These are the words which when searched for will trigger the appearance of your ad next to the search results. Choosing the right keywords is imperative to the success of your campaign. A good approach to choosing the right words is to imagine what you'd search for if you were looking to buy a product similar to your own.

Google Adwords Guide

Google Adwords Guide
By David Callan

The year is 2000, Google is seen as the leader in the search engine industry by now. Many of Googles competitors are trying their hands at different advertising models as a way to generate revenue. Google currently seeing the most growth of them all saw the potential it had as an advertising medium and therefore was sure to follow suite sooner or later.

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Tracking and Measuring Integrated Marketing

Tracking and Measuring Integrated Marketing CampaignsBy Market-Vantage

Marketing ROI is often likened to Military Intelligence or, lately, to Business Ethics. Talking about each individual word as a singular concept makes sense, but when facing each in the same phrase it sounds like a contradiction.

This is not to say that marketing people cannot produce real results. As a matter of fact, they often have visible proof of their efforts, as in a new print ad, direct mail piece or even the slick television ad. But visible proof of effort doesn't equate to results. Visible proof doesn't protect them from the often asked question,"So what sales did this help produce?" I've heard this question myself many times coming from sales persons as it gets closer to the end of the quarter and they are saying it with a tone of frustration as they are trying to meet their numbers.

The 4Cs: The New 4Ps of Internet Marketing

The 4Cs: the New 4Ps of Internet Marketing
from Market-Vantage

When given the task of introducing a product to market there are simple objectives to focus on called the "Four Ps of Marketing", which help define your Marketing strategy: Product, Place, Promotion and Price. What is the Product you intend market? Where is the Place it will be sold? How will you implement the Promotion of the product/service? And finally, what is the Price the product will be sold at?

These are still relevant and important questions to address when marketing a product or service today, but does the Internet require another dimension to consider? When leveraging the Internet for your business is it just another channel to transact commerce or a medium to promote or advertise your business? Do certain aspects of your product require an Internet presence for particular features to work? Can you reduce the cost of doing business and offer better pricing through self-service customer portals? We believe the Internet does affect these four basic Ps and adds a set of it's own four correspondent objectives that extends beyond these basic four.

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