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The Buy-In: The Most Important Part of Getting Stakeholders On Board

A discussion of the concept of the buy-in and how this one simple concept is your ticket to getting all of the support you need from senior leadership and beyond.

Empowering Leadership

Leadership is about making sure the team is functioning well and creating an environment where everyone can do his or her best work. And it takes a whole team of leaders to make a self-organizing team.
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A Leader Among Followers...

While most aspire to be the Chief, without the followers, there is no leadership, no group to lead. Emancipating and elevating the role of followship is the quickest way to success. Therefore, a leader with foresight would focus on creating an environment of effective followers; an environment in which the roles of leaders and followers are interchanged and interactive. Since we naturally fulfill both roles simultaneously and inherently, it would be to our advantage to exploit and make the most of that nature within us.

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