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Pseudo-translations: Part 1

Pseudo-translations: Part 1
by Ian Henderson, CEO, Rubric

Creating a successful software product for domestic markets does not guarantee success in adapting the same product for international markets. Programmers who cut code, but who have not been exposed to internationalization (I18n) issues, risk creating problems that will arise during localization (L10n) efforts.

Nine tricks for international web sites

Nine tricks for international web sites.
by Andrew Jones, Senior Project Manager, Rubric

Marketing wants an internationalized web site today. Sales wanted it yesterday. You just want to get it right the first time.

Global companies, and those aspiring to be, receive a lot of benefits from localizing their web sites. But if not done right a company can encounter technical problems, poor presentation, and even drive customers away if web pages render incorrectly. Let's cover the top nine things you should worry about so you don't have to worry about your sales and marketing teams stalking you in the corporate hallways.

Start Before Localizing

Start Before Localizing
By Ian Henderson, CEO, Rubric

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to reduce your localization costs. We know because we advise our customers about every one we discover. But there is one tactic you can take before calling Rubric that will greatly reduce your localization costs.

And it is in your hands right now - your original source text.

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Localizing Support

Localizing Support
How localization adds to the top- and bottom-line
by Ian Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Rubric

During a meeting with Hewlett Packard, their technical support group executive made a not-so-surprising comment.

"Rubric's work on localizing reduced our help desk support cost 40% in Japan and Korea."

Pleased as this fellow was, it was not unexpected. Poor localization of support documents confuses customers and leads to product misuse, problems, and on rare occasion, product liabilities. Good product localization leads to lower support costs and happier customers.

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Character Confusion

Character Confusion
A beginner's guide to computer character sets
by Françoise Spurling, Chief Operating Officer, Rubric

In the beginning . . .
. . . there was ASCII, and it was good.

Computer technology accelerated quickly in the United States, and accordingly so did certain standards. Foremost was the decision to codify the basic unit of data in a byte. A byte was large enough to hold all characters in the English language as well as all digits, common punctuation, and still have room left over. In the end, the American National Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) was devised to standardize how computers would store and communicate a, b, c, 1, 2, 3 . . .

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