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Consumer Behavior: Emotional States and Purchasing Decisions

Consumer Behavior: Emotional States and Purchasing Decisions by Paula Gray, AIPMM A recent study stated that consumers are exposed to 5,000 brands every day. When consumers choose between those goods and services, they may believe that they are being...

Creating a Compelling Product Business Case Q&A

Answers to questions raised during the recent webinar, Creating A Compelling Product Business Case with Demand Metric. Questions and answers cover best practices for the timing, intention, multiple products and creating buy-in across the organization.

How to Use Qualitative and Quantitative Research in New Product Development

By Michaela Mora

I recently came across the new ad from Domino's Pizza where they show a clip of focus groups they conducted with consumers about their products. I love it! The message was clear: they listened to their customers. Their management and product teams were brave enough to really pay attention to what customers think. I'll be eternally grateful to Domino's pizza for the message sent about the value of market research.

Ten Ways to Use Internet Marketing as a Business Intelligence Tool

Ten Ways to Use Internet Marketing as a Business Intelligence Tool
Market Research to Help You Build Your Marketing Strategy

In the "Good old days" marketing departments had the luxury of detailed research, testing, surveying and analysis prior to developing and launching products and services. Those days are long gone. The rate of change in the competitive landscape, rapidly changing technology and globalization of markets have forced companies to change their go-to-market approach. Emphasis is now placed on speed and customer-centric iteration.

Some companies waste a lot of time and valuable resources with a "ready-shoot-aim" approach. Fortunately, there is a better way to closely coordinate strategy and tactics to optimize results. Internet Marketing provides a way for companies to do primary research in real time and let the market vote with their mouse for the best targeting, positioning, messaging, offer and even the best sales model to use to address a given market with your product or service.

Following are ten ways to use the Internet with readily available tools and techniques to build an effective marketing strategy.

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