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An Interview On The Subject Of ProdBOK

ProdBOK is an industry-wide effort to standardize the practice of product management sponsored by the Association of International Product Management and Marketing (AIPMM).

Lean Product Development Process - Using Stage-Gates® to Speed the Development Cycle

By Mitch Millstein


How many products hit the market and are too expensive, too big, don't have the desired features or take too long to develop?

Lean is a Process Improvement Tool to reduce waste in organizations. Few processes cross over as many different departments in a company as product development. Product development can include hard-goods, software or new services. As the efforts cross marketing, research, engineering, purchasing, operations and sales there are numerous opportunities for the product development effort to stall or reverse direction. This can be due budget problems becoming visible; product definition being rushed and/or the operational problems.

7 Secrets to Writing Inventory Procedures

7 Secrets to Writing Inventory Procedures
by Chris Anderson

What Would You do with $1,000,000?

With $1 Million would you:
Pay off debt?
Purchase new equipment?
Invest/save for the future?
Give yourself a bonus?

$1 Million Waiting in the Wings

What do you and your business need that you have been putting off because you donít have the money today? $1,000,000 certainly would fill those needs. But where do you find 1 Million just lying around your business right now? Well, you probably have $250,000 in each of four areas in your everyday business, and you donít even realize it.

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