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Strategic Planning Done Right

By getting consensus or buy in from the committed parties, you greatly reduce the chance that the Strategic plan will be built, delivered to the executive staff, then languish on a shelf for 3 - 5 years.

Prioritizing Features in Your Product Releases

When working as a Product Manager with an engineering team one of the biggest challenges you face is prioritizing what features are critical to include in your next product release. One of the most popular techniques for prioritizing features in an MRD (Market Requirements Document) or functional specification is to use the HML (High, Medium, Low) method.

Four Critical Success Factors for Your Products

Just build a great product and you'll take the market by storm, right? That's the myth perpetuated in Silicon Valley, and it's a difficult lesson that many entrepreneurs, and seasoned companies, end up learning the hard way. Sure, some products seem to have everything magically fall into place and succeed. The majority of successful products, however, have good planning and execution combined with a great product.

Creating Compelling Product Roadmaps, Part 1

Creating Compelling Product Roadmaps, Part 1
By Brian Lawley, 280 Group, LLC

Product Roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure when delivering and marketing products. They can be one of the most effective tools in a Product Management professional's arsenal. Done correctly they can help win and keep large customers and partners, and can guide the engineering and strategic planning efforts of a company. Unfortunately most Product Roadmaps are created "On The Fly" and under pressure when sales or the company management makes a last-minute request. As a result they don't have the impact they should, and can be a source of much trouble if you aren't careful.

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