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Management Myth #1: The Myth of 100% Utilization

Too many managers believe in the myth of 100% utilization--the belief that every single technical person must be fully utilized every single minute of every single day. The problem with this myth is that there is no time for innovation, no time for serendipitous thinking, no time for exploration, and it often leads to a less successful organization.

Five Reasons Why Agile is Lean

In agile, each function has learning up front, a build in the middle, and a validation at the end. Since the customer typically has working software to experience the functionality, and is saying "yes" or "no" to each one as it's completed, it's less likely to need revisions later on. The customer validation after each new build increases leaning earlier in the process and makes the product more accurate. An accurate product gets traction faster, uses less resources and is lean.

Getting Product Managers Up To Speed with New Software and Processes

Whether it is Microsoft applications like Office, Visio or Project or other Enterprise applications used by their company, most of the time Product Managers are left to their own devices to learn how to use the tools that are critical for their day to day success. But as new applications become available that are more powerful and useful, it's important to give your team of Product Management professionals the support they need. This is even more critical if the software is integrated into your existing or new product processes that span across different functional groups in your company.

Stephen Covey's Marketing Legacy

The best way for marketers to not become victims of the Urgent is through the creation of and commitment to a marketing strategy. When a solid, documented marketing strategy that is supported by upper management directs the marketing team's efforts, it is a powerful deterrent to the Urgent.

Handle Your Distractions to Keep Focused

Handle Your Distractions to Keep Focused
by Wendy Hearn

You've chosen to be more focused, you've discovered what you want to focus on, and you know what you need to do to maintain that focus.* So that's it, job done; you're totally focused. Well that may be true for the moment, but there are still distractions which may get in the way. Although you've taken all the critical steps, there are still many things that can stop you being focused. Why not approach it like a game you're playing? This enables you to keep experimenting, evaluating and improving parts of it. It's an ongoing process. Part of this process is to become aware of any distractions that are either there now or may come up in time. When you're aware of these, you're more likely to notice them for yourself and find a way to handle them.

Use The D System To Get Organized And Reduce Clutter

Use The D System To Get Organized And Reduce Clutter!
by Gordon Bellows

There is a simple system, known as the D system, that can help you to be better organized and may also help to reduce clutter. This system can be used at home or at the office with regular mail, e-mail, and inboxes. It can also be used with voice mail messages. This effective system uses 6 D's:

Do - Delegate - Decide - Delete - Dump - Document files

The goal with this system is to use one of the 6 D's with every letter, memo, report, e-mail, newspaper, and magazine that enters your home or office. Select the D that is most applicable for each item before moving to the next item.

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