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Managing The UnManageable: Excerpt of Discussion With Co-Authors

There are very few companies these days that are not relying on software, software developers, software development in some way to drive and underpin their businesses, and yet, as we point out in the book, software development is a mystery and we try to unravel that mystery and make it more understandable.

Moving The Ball Forward

I was thinking about the problems I try to work on each day and the time I spend on different types of tasks. Sometimes I am dealing with people and their issues. Other times, I am trying to get consensus on a decision. Lastly, there is just plain vanilla hard work that has to happen.
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Positioning: When knowing too much is a liability

Properly positioning a company and its products is a critical factor for success. When a solution just can not seem to get traction in the market, often the problem is not the product; it is how it is positioned.

Trials and Tribulations of Product Management

Trials and Tribulations of Product Management

Incorporating Customer Feedback And Market Data Into Product Development
Interview with Mike Marfise, VP Product Operations, Accept Software

Mike Marfise, VP of Product Operations at Accept Software, has been in high tech since 1990, back when there really was no role of product manager in high tech companies. He went from engineer to product manager because he saw a need for customer-driven applications. Hear hear! Mike’s story includes some lessons as well as good reminders to all of us in product management.

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Trials and Tribulations of Product Management

Trials and Tribulations of Product Management

Our new series kicks off this quarter with featured articles by Noel Adams of PhaseForward. The first of the series highlights Hagen Hohn who recently found himself, as many of us have, suddenly plunged into the world of product management. About a month ago he was given a new title— Services Product Manager. Never having been in product management, let alone services product management, Hagen is feeling a little overwhelmed. But, after talking to him, it's clear that he's also come up with a sound approach for overcoming his challenges. He shared some thoughts and ideas that could be beneficial to many of you in similar situations.

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