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The 3 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Brand Story

 Many companies believe their brand story is simply a slogan or the history of their company. While these two things can certainly be part of your brand story, the narrative should actually encompass quite a bit more. Your brand story should tell your story, and make your customers want to buy in.

Roadmapping for Product Innovation Transformation

 In the context of product innovation, roadmapping defines the plan for the evolution of your products; it links your innovation strategy to your plans for new products and to the technologies needed to develop them; it helps identify, select, sequence and prioritize a set of major product development initiatives that meet the business's goals. In this article, learn how to develop a Strategic Product Roadmap that will help you determine how your business will achieve its new product objectives.

Change Management; What Are We Actually Changing?

 There is a lot written about change management along with a host of templates, grids, spreadsheets, timelines and more tools to manage change in organizations. However much of it misses the point. Most of the literature focuses on how to change a process, the decision to change, the method by which a process is modified, but what most of fails to recognize is that it all comes down to a change in human behavior. The literature notes that there may be individuals who are less motivated to change but none of it recognizes that it all begins and ends with a behavior change. That is how any process is changed, through human behavior.

Innovation Certification - Now is the Time

 Finally, a resolution that will really make a difference to your career. Learn the knowledge used by successful innovators and new product development professionals. Regardless of your title, if you are involved in any way with product development, you need to understand innovation practices.

Empowering Leadership

 Leadership is about making sure the team is functioning well and creating an environment where everyone can do his or her best work. And it takes a whole team of leaders to make a self-organizing team.
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Management Myth #1: The Myth of 100% Utilization

 Too many managers believe in the myth of 100% utilization--the belief that every single technical person must be fully utilized every single minute of every single day. The problem with this myth is that there is no time for innovation, no time for serendipitous thinking, no time for exploration, and it often leads to a less successful organization.

A Leader Among Followers...

 While most aspire to be the Chief, without the followers, there is no leadership, no group to lead. Emancipating and elevating the role of followship is the quickest way to success. Therefore, a leader with foresight would focus on creating an environment of effective followers; an environment in which the roles of leaders and followers are interchanged and interactive. Since we naturally fulfill both roles simultaneously and inherently, it would be to our advantage to exploit and make the most of that nature within us.

An Internet Thanksgiving

 I'd like to thank the product managers, who study the data and talk to customers in order to figure out the right color or right kind of button needed on an app. Their work lives in the myriad of details that go into creating a product.
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An Interview On The Subject Of ProdBOK

 ProdBOK is an industry-wide effort to standardize the practice of product management sponsored by the Association of International Product Management and Marketing (AIPMM).

Growth Hackers Conference: Lessons Learned

 "With the possibility to iterate on your product and marketing efforts faster and faster the product manager's role more than ever builds the backbone of a product's competitiveness and success."

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