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The AIPMM Announces Demand Metric As Product Management and Marketing Body Of Knowledge (ProdBOK®) Certified Tools Vendor

The Association of International Product Management and Marketing has partnered with Demand Metric to provide AIPMM premium members access to premium level productivity enhancing tools from the Demand Metric content library worth $497.00. The Demand Metric arsenal of 350+ marketing tools and templates distill best marketing practices into consultant-grade resources that speed ability to complete strategic marketing activities.

"As the world's largest organization of product management and product marketing professionals, we have thousands of individuals relying on our body of knowledge to succeed," said Therese Padilla, President of AIPMM. "AIPMM Premium members will now have access to 350+ marketing tools and templates from Demand Metric premium offerings that will enhance their productivity."

ProdBOK is the AIPMM's open standard of the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge. This includes the AIPMM framework, which identifies best practices, key activities, key resources, knowledge, inputs and outputs needed to create and manage successful products, and is widely regarded as a worldwide standard that addresses the challenges faced by Product Management and Product Marketing professionals. The framework is made up of seven product phases, from Conceive to End of Life, and covers all aspects that need to be addressed for all products and services throughout their entire lifecycle.

For more information about how AIPMM Membership Increases Productivity and the benefits of Premium Membership, attend the July 13, 2012 webinar by registering here.

About Demand Metric
Founded in 2006, Demand Metric is an advisory firm serving a community of over 15,000 Marketing professionals and consultants in 75 countries. Membership provides access to consulting methodologies, advisory services, a library of over 350 premium marketing tools and templates as well as the collective wisdom of the community. Demand Metric members range from start-ups to consulting firms to members of the Global 1000. http://www.demandmetric.com

About The AIPMM:

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), founded in 1998, promotes worldwide excellence in product management education and provides value to its individual members, corporate members, and sponsors by providing training, education, certification and professional networking opportunities.

The AIPMM Seven Phase Product Lifecycle Framework is a vendor independent Product Management and Product Marketing standard that takes into account best practices used in a wide range of companies and industries. This ensures that the most modern and up to date challenges faced in product management and product marketing are addressed for today's environment. The Framework is part of the AIPMM Product Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®) that was developed with input from over 50 experts and endorsed by more than half a dozen consulting companies. The Framework includes seven distinct product phases, from Conceive to End of Life, and covers all aspects during the entire product lifecycle.

AIPMM Membership benefits include the national Product Management Educational Conference, regional conferences, the Career Center, peer Forums, tools, templates, publications, partner offerings, and eligibility to enroll in the Certification Programs. The Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM), Certified Product Manager (CPM), Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM), Certified Brand Manager (CBM), and Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) programs allow individual members to demonstrate their level of expertise and provide corporate members an assurance that their product professionals are operating at peak performance. For more information: http://www.aipmm.com

Posted June 18, 2012 6:03 AM

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